I am Designer, How Can I Use Iconspace ?

The best way to browse the icon is to open Illustrator / Sketch file that is provided. Or if you are an IconJar user, this is probably the most efficient and easiest way to browse Iconspace collection.

Can I Edit the Border/Outline Weight?

Unfortunately, you can’t.

Can I Use Iconspace for My Commercial Project?

Yes, you can. For both standard and extended license, you are allowed to use Iconspace for a commercial project; where the end user is charged for your product or service. However, you cannot distribute the icon to the user/client.

Can I include Iconspace in Freebies?

No, whatever the license you purchased – you can’t include Iconspace in the freebies item. 

Can I Use Iconspace within a Sellable Items like Design Templates or Themes? E.g. Theme Forest

If you are using the standard license, you can’t use Iconspace in design templates or any other sellable items. But if you use the extended license you are eligible to use up to 100 icons within your templates or UI kits or themes or presentation deck.

How Many Users are Licensed per Icon Set?

If you are using the standard license, 5 (five) users are licensed to use the icons for one single purchase and here you can find more info about extended license.

Can I Use and Share Iconspace with My Studio Mates ?

If you are using the Small Team license, 5 (five) users are licensed to use the icons for one single purchase and here for extended license.

As a Developer, How Can I Use Iconspace to My Web Project ?

We provide webfont contains TTF, WOFF, SVG, and EOT extension. So you can easily call the assets and include them into your CSS file.


How Can I Get My Icon Set?

You can purchase the icon set here. After finishing the checkout process, you’ll get an email in your inbox to download the icon set. You’ll be registered and have an account so you can download the purchased item in the future via our dashboard.

What if I haven’t Received the Download Link?

After completing the checkout process, you should get an invoice from Iconspace; or PayPal if you’re using PayPal. Please contact us and mention your PayPal email or your transaction ID.

How Do I Get an Update for the Newest Version?

You will have an account to login, so you can check the latest version. Anyway, you will get an email notification when the newest version is available.

How If I Have another Problems ?

You can just hit us via email at or writing us a message via Contact Us page.


What Payment Methods are Accepted?

You can purchase with PayPal, or Credit Card in the checkout process.

Is the Checkout Process Safe?

Security is our main concern, our website is using SSL certificate to protect your identity and information. Also, by using the secured payment gateways from PayPal, we’ll make sure all of your sensitive credentials pass through high security to the payment gateway.

What about the Invoice?

After completing the checkout process, you will get the invoice along with the download link. Anyway, you can also download the invoice via order menu when you signed in. If you have any difficulties on finding it, please contact us.

Can I ask Refund for the Icon Purchased ?

No, since these are digital files, we cannot offer refund or exchanges system. You can contact us if you experience any issues with the downloading our products.